Crystal Consultation



A Crystal Consultation session assists you in recognizing and healing energetic imbalances or blockages within your electromagnetic field utilizing crystal energy.

We will help you to identify exactly the right crystal for your needs, whether for healing of mind, body, or spirit, and will point you to useful stones for improving vitality and well-being, and for balancing the chakras.

After analyzing your concerns, you will receive an emailed PDF report with suggested crystals to work with (3 to 4 crystals) that are tailored to your specific needs. We will also provide information concerning each crystal and its properties, along with instructions on how to apply and/or work with them such as throughout the home, in crystal Rx bags, crystal bowls or home decor pieces, as jewelry, gem elixirs, candles, in the bath, with sacred geometry, crystal grid, etc.

*This consultation does not include the crystals. 
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