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Rose Quartz Sphere

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This high quality Rose Quartz sphere have the most dreamy Rosy pink color. Shine a light on the sphere and you will catch  stars and rainbows that gleam in the light.


Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. It facilitates an open heart & love for yourself, your mate, your environment, your home, your life etc. It carries the female warmth of love, peace, tenderness, comfort & healing.


Because of its symmetrical shape, it gives out vibrations of love and positive energy in all directions. It holds the space of love in your environment, so that when you feel sad or upset, it stares back at you and helps to shift your mentality and energy back to one of unconditional love.

188 g 

16.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 16.5 cm


I open my heart to receive and express the energy of love.