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Azurite Malachite Chunk

Azurite Malachite Chunk

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A highly sought after crystal in the world of gemstones, Azurite is known for its stunning blue color which evolved over the millennia through reactions between copper, hydrogen, carbonate, and oxygen. Azurite features deep contrasting shades of green, which comes from its fusion with Malachite, a closely related mineral that contains nearly the same chemistry.

Azurite is a stone of mental power and expansion that allows you to control your mental patterns. If you often find yourself lost in thought, the Azurite meaning gives you the self-control to resist distraction. It helps you be present in what you're doing, which prevents your mind from going elsewhere. Azurite enhances creativity and inner wisdom by cleansing and activating the third eye chakra.

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I accept and trust my inner wisdom and embrace my intuition and psychic skills. 

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