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Love and Passion Kit

Love and Passion Kit

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Filled with energies perfectly suited to open up your heart chakra, the love and passion kit will have you beaming with joy. Allow this crystal energy combination to infuse love and happiness into all areas of your life and guide you to live your truth.

Crystal kit includes:

  • Rose Quartz universal stone of unconditional love. It gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes. 
  • Rhodonite releases blocked energy from the heart chakra. It helps you attract more fulfilling kind of love and discover new passions. 
  • Clear Quartz Stone of light. Amplifies the energies and intentions of all other stones.
  • Pink Tourmaline Helps induce feelings of love, happiness and calm. Turns you into a beacon of love and healing energies and protects you from negative energies projected by others. 
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