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Ocean Jasper Skull

Ocean Jasper Skull

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Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits. It lifts one's mood through its positive vibrations. When one is under its influence, it difficult to takes one's problems and dissatisfactions as seriously as one normally does. Ocean Jasper helps lift the veil of negativity which many people unconsciously wear over their eyes, and when this veil is lifted, it is much easier to see and appreciate the many blessings of life.


This is the perfect stone to help you take a moment to yourself throughout the day, or you can incorporate it into your self-care and spiritual practices as a reminder to make yourself a priority.

Ocean Jasper, or Orbicular Jasper, comes exclusively from Maravato, Madagascar. The location where it was first and only found has been “Mined Out" since 2006, which means miners have exhausted its supply and what is on the market currently for the location in Madagascar, is all there will ever be. 

So get your hands on this rare beauty while supplies last. 


I release negative patterns of thoughts, words and deeds which may adversely affect my emotional and physical self, and I embrace the many blessings of life.

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