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Smudging Kit

Smudging Kit

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Sacred smoke created from burning medicinal or sacred plants is an aspect of many cultures and religions the world over. In North America, it is a practice common to Indigenous Peoples and is called smudging.

Smudging is traditionally a ceremony for purifying or cleansing the soul of negative thoughts of a person or place. There are four elements involved in a smudge:

  • The container, traditionally a shell representing Water, is the first element.
  • A sacred plant, Sage, Palo Santo or Cedar, gifts from Mother Earth, represent the second element (Earth).
  • The fire produced from lighting the sacred plants represents the third element (Fire).
  • The smoke produced from the fire represents Air, the fourth element.

Smudging has been shown to cleanse people of negativity and promote healing, wisdom, and longevity. It's also been shown to benefit a person's physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

How to smudge: 

1- Light a match, hold the Palo Santo in the flame until it’s fully lit. You’ll know it’s lit when the stick is creating a mini-flame of its own. Allow it to burn for approximately 10-30 seconds.

2- Place it embers-down on an angle in the fireproof Abalone Shell so that the embers will get enough air to continue to burn and gently blow on the embers when needed. It may need to be re-lit several times, depending on how long you want it to burn.

3- Place the bowl in a safe place, away from children, pets and any flammable items. Alternatively, you can “smudge” by carefully carrying the bowl to the different parts of your home or space, ensuring that the Palo Santo smoke reaches every nook and cranny, where it will purify the space and attract positive energy. Enjoy the resin-like aroma and spiritual properties!

Each stick can be reused several times until the stick disappears.

Smudge kit includes:

  • 1 piece of intuitively selected Abalone Shell 
  • 1 piece of intuitively selected Selenite Stick
  • 1 piece of intuitively selected Palo Santo
  • 1 piece of intuitively selected Clear Quartz


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